Combine doors

How do I get a combine door to open correctly? If I put it in like a rotating door, it just opens like a rotating door, and not like a combine door should. Is there a certain setting in Hammer I need to put in or is there another model I need to use? Help would be appreciated. thanks


And you need to set it to play the open animation when you activate it.


And, how do I set the animation exactly.

Tutorials help very much.

But you can put the combine door as a prop_dynamic and set Its name whatever you want. For this example I’m using the name: door (OH MY GOD)

There, you have the door. Cool huh? Now, place a brush with the trigger texture and make it a trigger_once or whatever.

Now go to Outputs and do the following.

On Trigger

There you go, It’ll open once you touch the trigger. To check for a model animation as well. Double click it, go to the tab “Model” and then you have a list in that arrow of many animations that certain model can do.

Won’t that just repeat the open animation? I think you need to set it to change animation to idle_open nce the open animation has completed.

Now, I always use a func_button, and normally two dynamic props.

  1. Prop 1 is the button model, with a nodraw texture infront of it.
  2. Prop 2 is the door model, with nothing infront of it.
  3. I make func_button (nodrawed) with this:
    Animationnamehere ( You can find the list of animations in the prop_dynamic, on one of the tabs. )

That animates it



In the prop_dynamic’s settings there should be a default animation, which is the default animation. Make sure you put that in before compiling your map. Hope I helped.



I see.

Have a wrench.

Where is the func_button? A link to a tutorial page would be nice if anyone could find one, because i couldn’t.

Favorite this page: