Combine Drop Pod SWEP

Combine Drop Pod SWEP

Left click: Spawns a combine drop pod where you aim. Drops from the sky and carrys you with it.
Reload: Removes all owned drop pods.

Watch the view while descending with the drop pod.
Does damage upon inpact according to preset values.
Can preset time to land.

cdp_flighttime 5.0
cdp_damage 20.0
cdp_damageradius 400.0
cdp_ejectdelay 0.1
cdp_smokelifetime 10.0

Uncomment line 176 for roleplaying mods.



When I saw drop pod I was expecting the giant unkillable flying things that have the metal pods full of soldiers.=/ This looks nice as well though.



Fuck yes, I remember the old version. Ill download and see what its like.

What I would like to see is this first person but a drop ship holds you flys over destination and drops you over it. Maybe it drops you befor geting there and you fall in that direction onto it.

could you make a version that shoots down without you in it and an odst gets out?

A version that drops Combine npc’s would be very nice.