Combine Dropship container model

I would like a model of the combine dropship’s container that has a proper physics model. That is to say, I want the player to be able to walk into it. It should look exactly the same as it currently does, but it is optional to make the back-most section on the inside a weapons locker. I will take care of the weapons, but I can’t think of any other purpose.

Want to know why? I am working on a map pack in which you play as a combine soldier. You start out as a prison guard, and rank up as you go. Your weapons also rank up. I don’t know if this needs to be posted in mapping, models, or lua, but this seems the most reasonable option.

I have a work around planned, but

<-- Tried it, it didn't work

I would prefer having a working one.

Reply with any questions you have. I’m only on the first map at the moment, so it’s not all planned yet. The only weapons for player use will be the Sub Machine Gun 1, Buckshot Shotgun, and Assault Rifle 2.

Oh, it would also be useful for pose making in Garry’s Mod.

I probably should make a new thread for this, but I would also like the Soldier Stripped (Combine) model remade with collision. Right now, it just stands there as a ragdoll.
If you’re gonna start one, or the other… Please tell me which one and when you start.

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I would do it myself, but I need the software. A link to a decompiler would be appreciated. Both would satisfy this need.

The only problem I can think of is that clients won’t automatically download it, if it replaces the original. v–Remove my second comment.
**If you need the model files, I will upload them.

I can’t find a SMD importer/exporter for 3DS 2012…

Okay… If nobody is going to do this, you will never get the gamemode or map pack.

Delete me


Well, I can actually supply the .SMD files if necessary, or wanted/needed.

I can do it with cameras, but I tried that once and it didn’t work.

If anyone is working on this, please let me know.

I might as well not make the gamemode. I 1: Can’t do it without this model, and 2: Need to re-learn how to do it with cameras. I don’t remember much since July 13, 2012.

If you’re mapping, just disable the collision on the model and make invisible brushes to give it a fake interior. The interior is sort of modeled already; you can spruce it up yourself with brushes or Combine props.

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There’s also a stripped Combine player model in gmod already, with a ragdoll.

Yes, but I want to keep it attached the the dropship, without using Parent.

Adapt the concept to the resources you already have, and if it’s popular, you can do more with it in future versions

But you can’t A: Jump into the dropship, or B: Move around while inside of it…

^ If I use cameras. If I disable the collision, NPCs may float in scripts. I’m just worried as to whether or not the player will collide with floating NPCs.

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[bump]This thread, it falls fast… but I can’t disable collision without parenting it to the dropship, an even then, it might not look right. AND the stripped combine player model has no collision. I might be able to copy the model from Garry’s Mod, but I’m testing in episode two, and I can’t extract from the GCF anymore.[/bump] [editline]27 December 2012[/editline] lol… it should be a tag… like this edit line.

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Is anyone working on this? If this gets made, I will have something to switch to when NSMB PC is making me “P.O.”'d. My skill in lua has dropped so much, it practically makes me want to… to make this swep… :rolleyes: I wish the rolleyes emote actually had a rolling eyes animation.

For now? For now, I am going to make a HUD, most likely. At the same time, I am making the NSMB PC HUD.