Combine drowning in toxic waste

Hi everybody!
Great to be here, i’m rather a novice poser so please don’t shout if i got the tags slightly wrong or misspelt something somewhere. i’m not new to GMod or source, and i mainly spend my time RPing on Taconbanana with the same name as my account(so it’s easy to track me down), and yes, i am a girl, but i am quite new to posing, it’s strange how hard it is to pose ragdolls, anyway great to be here and i hope we all have a fun time. onto the pose.

Thread soundtrack:

The thread music is horrible!

They look like they are dancing or praising the god.

You should edit it or place emitters to make it look like they are struggling.

And yeah, get better thread music.

Oh… I’m afraid all i have is GIMP. all i know to do on that is use Softglow and add blur.

Get some brushes from the internet and color them right. That simple.

Better music=

In my opinion that music doesn’t suit this scene

It was clearly a joke.


I was going to hate this picture and then I listened to the thread music and lol’d.

Ever played half life 2 in city 17?

Ever played Sonic the Hedgehog, or were you not born?

Actually no, i’ve never completed Hl2.

Seriously. It’s pretty obvious what the music was there for.

It was a joke, Dutch dude.

dutch guy, okay i get it no more spam.

Posing is ok, it could do with some editing, but the idea is good

Thread music made me lol

Rated box

Also the low res texture (the waste) kinda ruins the picture. You should also have edited in spashing effects or similar to show them struggling etc.

The music made me laugh.

I top that wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiith



Holy shit^!!!

DMGaina, LOL