Combine ejects a shell from his SPAS 12

Special thanks to DZ987 for making the maskless shotgunner

No editing

Poor graphics

Meh posing.

what happened to that man’s head


It sank like halfway into his chest cavity.

He looks like a turtle for fucks sake.

Screenshots don’t need editing to be good, god damn.

Also, low graphics and a very bad angle, lots of empty space and it’s pretty bland.

I thought I had the graphics maxxed O.o

I came into this thread expecting greatness, as who would possibly make a pose with a boring angle of a dude standing with a shotgun in an empty room? It would have to be an awesome, close-up, godly edited picture of the shell shining as if flies from the shotgun, with smoke floating in the air…

I was wrong.

It doesn’t matter if your graphics are maxed; it will still look like shit without photoshop editing. Just please, get photoshop, get talented at it, and don’t make any poses for a while. Look at what the other skilled people do, and compare it to your own.

Look out, there is a floating shell infront of you!

The camera angle is horrifically bad.

Combine looks like he had cancer


You do need good graphics, but you don’t fucking need editing! I don’t edit at all besides a very small amount ingame and my pictures are still at least half-decent.

Skilled? Really. The editing, in my opinion, is unnecessary. You don’t need editing to make a good picture, just awesome posing.

OP: Up the graphics, use a better angle, get more models, all that good stuff. Good luck with your posing.

Editing is NOT, I repeat NOT required in ANY screenshots, it’s only if YOU CHOOSE TO. If you don’t edit, i’m sure if you ask someone to edit it, they will kindly be happy to.

yeah, i agree with you on that. i was probably being nerd-ragey when i made that post, sorry.

the posing is alright, but this picture lacks effects, and the room is too dark. there is a lot of empty space wasted.

and posing isn’t the only skill you need; balancing the background with the foreground/subject is very important too.

Okay I am trying to get better and better at posing, thanks for telling me what to change/add!