Combine Elite

I tried to clean up my g-mod by deleting some unused files here and there. When I next loaded it and I spawned a combine elite my g-mod crashed and said “0(some numbers)” requested reference from “0 (some numbers)” I’ve tried looking through my recycle bin for the folder but can’t find it :frowning:
If someone could give me a download to the default (unadded to with addons files to g-mod that would help.
Also I just downloaded this derma skin (if that has anything to do with it)
Thanks in advance


EDIT: It happens with all combine, not just the elite :(. So if someone gave me a link to a combine AI file that should do :slight_smile:


try this one it includes more combine so maybe elite, solider etc are also included.

no… don’t work :frowning:
It seems I can spawn the combine when AI is diabled so mabye the combine AI is messed up on my G-mod :frowning:
If someone could upload the combine AI files I will give you a cookie :3

The AI is built into the Source Engine, not Lua. Try deleting your whole garrysmod folder, and re-installing GMod. If that doesn’t work, then might have to re-install the source engine.

not to be mean but i think you shouldent just delete unused files, they might just contain stuff that is vital for g-mod or its npc. or did you mean unused files as in addons? if so ignore this :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds good to me, but how do I reinstall it? When I go on the steam store page for it I can’t buy it for myself because I already have it :(. Or will I be able to once I delete it?

Also to above post I only deleted unused addons and maps. SWEPs and the like.

Right click on the Garry’s Mod thing in Steam, and click ‘Delete local content’. Then re download.

And I can re-download for free? Without having to put in any credit card info?

Yes it is free to redownload.

thanks, I’ll try that then :slight_smile:
Will I need to re-upload any addons?

Only if you delete your garrysmod folder.

but the garrysmod folder won’t be deleted if I only delete local content yes?

Also if that dosen’t work how do I reinstall the source engine?

B.T.W sorry for being a bit of a newb. lol

Best thing to do, is to copy the garrysmod folder somewhere safe, like the desktop. To reinstall the source engine, you might have to delete the local content of all of your source engine games.

Reinstalling all my source games won’t make them lose any data, yes?
Or should I backup all their files?
Thanks Omolong, youv’e been a great help! :slight_smile:

When you delete it next time you start it up Steam makes another copy of it so you don’t accidentally delete something important.

re-installing source didn’t work :frowning:
What now?

If it helps, the error word-for-word is printed below:

The instruction at “0x125c2f5f” referenced memory at “0x0ea50454” The memory could not be “read”

I also got:

The instruction at “0x15032f5f” referenced memory at “0x0c940454” The memory could not be “read”

Both memory files end in “454”

How much RAM do you have? I have 2GB of addons. I downloaded some more, then spawn three LS things and (crash here). the error was similar. Maybe try using Game Booster.

That’s normally RAM. You may need more or you might need to give GMod the ability for more.

I hate when I don’t have enough RAM. Loads for ages, crashes in under a minute :frowning: