Combine Exchange Program, Ep. 2: Rules

Today we learn a little bit about how Civil Protection does things.

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Episode 1: Awkward Silence

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Great stuff as always! I love the oldschool fonts and layout. But you might want to up that jpeg quality next time :wink:

Love it, keep it up!

These things are great.
They make my day every time I read one.

These are pretty well written and are a good throwback to the older Gmod comics but make sure to put jpeg_quality 140 in your config file or type it in console next time.

okay, this is actually fairly hilarious.

I blame imgur for messing up the jpeg quality. I’ll be using a different host next time.

I think it’s funny you guys are calling this old-school. Back in my day, this style was cutting edge!

these are brilliant

I personally don’t really consider it “old-school”, mostly because this sort of editing has a timeless elegance. It’s more that the old techniques were pretty much lost once PHW died and the majority of comic makers quit, so the Screenshots Section here took a different turn and comics gained simpler, more utilitarian layouts. I don’t claim whether the “old” ways are better or worse, just that the implication of “old-school” as obsolete is not really appropriate. In fact, while I love me some Facepunch comics, I can promise you that the more common “modern” layouts in comics around here would have been considered amateurish in the elitist days of old. Thankfully we live in better times.

And actually, my comics were also called “old-school” (in fact, I distinctly recall a reply saying “this is so old-school holy shit”) and I’ve come to realize recently that I actually do some layout stuff that’s relatively cutting-edge in comparison to the old days, haha.

Reminds me of Concerned! Please, keep 'em coming!