Combine Exchange Program

Hello, everyone! Some of you may remember me from the old days of GMod comics, particularly on PHW. I made Kenny the Cop and a random assortment of shorts from 2005-2008. After losing interest for years, I’ve decided to give GMod comics another go.

So I now present my first comic in seven years: A short pilot for a possible new series about the differences between Civil Protection and Overwatch. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

Hi, mom.

Haha, short and simple yet really funny. Good work.

Blast from the past! I am genuinely surprised to see you but I am not at all complaining. :v:

Jesus Christ. I remember Kenny the Cop, it was one of the last things I read before I got exiled.

A few old-school comic makers are starting to return, though not all of them to Facepunch. If you know what I mean. I’d love to say I had much to do with it but really, it’s people feeling the love for comics again and generally being awesome.

As I’ve said before, welcome back, Mjolnir! It’s great to see you producing new comics, plus I hope to have the chance to host Kenny the Cop!

I wish there were more comics like this here on FP.

Credit where credit is due. I have you to thank for rekindling my interest in GMod comics.