Combine Females

Ive been searching for combine chicks so i can make a list of the combine guys counter parts i already have assasin and female metro cop

I don’t think anyone’s made female soldiers yet.


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There are some actually, The female assasain, and in this metropolice pack there’s one.

Missed reading the OP?

lol yup. ahahahahahahahah thats funny. sorry.

yeah a modification to the original soldiers to male and female variants spawsn randomly.
that would be cool

They have full body armor, what difference would it make?

the armor would be slimmer, for one.

Actually I agree with the “what would be the difference” comment You see female soldiers over in iraq all the time and you usually dont know untill they speak. There’s no different body armor its all the same.

anyone remember the female ninjas in hl1? maybe dress some of the combine like that, in tight leather so you can really tell that they are women

Female Combine in tight leather.

Think realistically for a moment, would a mega empire of a space aliens get anywhere with chicks in cutesy little outfits?

No, they got their heavy soldiers to do shit.

i was talking about the soldier i have the cop and the assasin


but pay attension to the assasin and metro they look different dont they

The only one I’ve seen is a combine in a dress, but thats it, in a dress.

Don’t play funny with us, boy! :devil:

Check the TnB model packs, The only real difference between a Female Soldier and a Male Soldier would be some small curves around the hips, they are heavily augmented so you can guess that you saw heaps in the campaign.