Combine forces advancing in C17 (Scene build sort of)

Wanted to try scene building in a default HL2 map.


Same angle, all the stuff removed:

C&C please.

Holy shit dude that is amazing


This isn’t cs_assault?
It’s d1_trainstation

Yeah its cool but needs less G-Mod and moar Photoshop.
Also the strider looks a bit strange but with some effects the picture could be epic.


You don’t want me to make your eyes bleed.

They walk like that in HL2.

What effects does it need? I’ve already added the in-game particle emitters, and then blue-ish colour tone, Softglow, minor contrast and burning in GIMP.

You could have done the fire with gimp or gave it moar realistic colors but I could be wrong too.
If youve seen my pictures you know what I mean.

Now you see why i hate you.

My edited fire is still pretty bad, so I thought I shouldn’t try. Yet.

Good for you

Well You just could do some color changing or stuff like that.
It will look more realistic but the picture is great how it is.

Seems like such a fun day out for the combine

I concentrate on making stuff look good, but realism is rarely what I’m trying to achieve in my pics.

looks good

Great prop-placement. Posing is a little off though.

That combine skin is godawful and ruined the entire pic for me! Anyway the pic is avarage, the props and the detail is good but it doesn’t seem to be focused around anything! I mean the combine soldier is cut off mid-chest etc!

Also, the white fog looks awful!

Stop shouting please.

Tell me what is godawful in it. And word “everything” won’t be enough.

This is what the average Combine field-trip looks like. You don’t want to know what happens with Spring Break… :v: