Combine Forces Moving Towards A Rebel Base

Dedicated to dvaderv2, the man who wanted me to release these publicily without permission.
Different hoster for those who can’t see the Uppix one:

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Muzzle flash just looks out of place but other then that is it great.

The contrast is quite nice.

Looks a bit like a disco (because of the colours),but otherwise it’s beautiful

Superb, just superb.

It’s great yeah.
But personally I don’t dig the almost glowing yellow sleeves that scream “Shoot me!”.
“What’s that?” “What?” “In there, between the trees.” “That yellow striped thingy?.. It’s either a combine soldier or a giant bee, shoot it.”

Beta textures from HL2 leak.

Muzzleflash kinda nice!

Can’t see the image.

I can reupload it with a different host.

Gotta thank V-Man for that, it’s his in-game effects pack. :slight_smile: