Combine Guard SNPC [RELEASE]

Oh look, Angrypepper is the poster, this is going to be fucking awful, ummm… nope, look below.
I have turned the Combine Guard of Half-Life 2 Beta in to a fully-working SNPC (NO CURRENT DEMONSTRATION)
The guard can fire it’s warp cannon as demonstrated in the previous Combine Guard WIP Thread, dissolving and blasting anything in it’s way.
Friendly to all combine NPCs / SNPCs (Haven’t tested the Combine Beta SNPCs), fucking hates you, don’t feel bad.

My fraps sucks a meter-long dick so I couldn’t record a demonstration video, but my friend is getting around to it. <-- (URL) Workshop link.
Further information on the workshop page, hopefully, this was worth the weight.

And cheers to facepunch, the most ignorant forum in the history of game forums.

Pepper, make your own entire thread and edit it when needed.
Your issue is you don’t have much motivation/willpower. You hop from project to project. You need to focus directly on one of them before making another.
Your tripod was awesome but needs a little bit of work.

Well, I only bothered to work on this SNPC after the Tripod was released / all ready to go…
I suppose waiting a while before creating another thread… Thanks for the feedback.

Well, turns out the combine guard, despite ALL of the positive tests, doing everything flawlessly, that now, EP2 Content turns to errors and the Particles are broken, delete this off your history, Best go and hang myse-
This error makes no sense.

Don’t I miss this add-on, even though this was 2 years ago…

As was the last post on this thread.

Either way, I felt it wasn’t finished, hence why I removed it.

Do you think it’s possible for somebody to fix this?

That was a simple model replacement made by some code thief called “CRAZY LOUIS”, he did that a lot, put models over already broken SNPCs to his own benefit, there’s no way to restore the Combine Guard in that addon, not by a long shot.

Alright, I think Cpt. Hazma is working on a Combine Guard snpc.

He isn’t (or atleast shouldn’t be), he knows that the Combine Guard is my next project.

Oh I thought I saw something about him making one… Will your SNPC be considered a ‘re-upload’?

Technically not as it will be a complete remake, also, I think it would be better talking over Steam rather than repeatedly sending this threat to the top of the list.