Combine Guard

Hey I was just woundering if anyone could “make” a Combine Guard npc just with Conbine soldier anims ? if not well yeah.




>>just with Combine soldier animation?
Just? I think this be so hard.
Maybe, If im dont mistake, this model with animation, downloaded on, see there.

Thats gonna be hard because you are going to have the exact same bone structure (or IK, not sure what valve uses) as the soldier.

Mmmk well can it sill be done ?

Yeah, after a LOT of time spent into it. It’s best just making your own anims instead of using the combine guards. With bones it’s actually not hard if correctly set up.

Do you realize how hard it would be to meticulously rig it to the combine soldier skeleton, re-anim to not clip, and then release?
Not to mention it would be nigh-unposeable

Sven Co-op 2 will be running on the Source Engine and feature a fully functional Combine Guard rigged on custom animations.


Wait for its release.

Sven Co-op 2- this project not dead? in this pack is the combine guard


Sven Co-op 2 is dead, and that isn’t the combine guard.

another combine guard

Oh dear, thanks for pointing out my mistake.