Combine Gunships cruise over an antlion hive


Since I had so many antlions on the ground, I used NPCs.
I’d edit some dust effects in if I could, but I really don’t know how. C&C?

Crop some of the ground on the front, and just leave the scene.
Also, really nice angle and posing.

you used to make better stuff
this is troll standards


there is only npcs here

Bad reading? I meant the posing on the Gunships and the transport ship, I know the ant lions are NPCS.
Unless, the ships are NPCs too :confused:

The gunships and antlions in the air are posed.

Edit: Ninja’d!

oh,i thought they were all npcs

well my bad for that


guess i deserve some boxes there

just a note on posing gunships, when they are moving forward the roter is not level at all, the gunship’s back end is bent upward so that the rotor can push him along, i know i sound like a nerd or whatever but the gunships do have their tails up when flying forward…

other than that, I like