Combine Harvester

Hello all, I would like to know if anyone could create a drivable Combine Harvester for GMod.
The Combine Harvester would be red if possible and also (only if possible and not to hard) make an NPC (when ran over) turn into a mix of blood and gibs spitted from the rear “pipe”.
Thank you
The Vehicule would look like this:

Yeah something exactly like this that spits blood and gibs when it runs over an NPC (like the Harvester did when it ran over the alien who falled)

Not a scripter/modeler, sorry mate.

I reckon Sakarias would be able to do something like this, better ask him.

Wait, a combine harvester like the tractor thing?

Well yeah, except that not really.
It’s not a tractor.

Looks completely different and isn’t used for pulling and lifting heavy stuff like tractors.

Lol it is used to harvest wheat…or even zombies XD
Is Sakarias a modder/ scripter?
EDIT: (15/09) Can someone answer me, tell me news or even tell me how to do it please?

Could someone help me please?