Combine Heading Into Battle (Noob)

Don’t expect much, I am new to posing. I am posting this mainly because I need some constructive criticism, not boxes and comments telling me it sucks. This is all in game as I am not good at editing my poses in Photoshop. (I can use it, just not for posing. Again, constructive criticism?) Anyway, here:

I notice a clipping issue with his shoulder and the vest seems stretched. I did not notice this in the game.

the blur it burns. for a new person to posing its good, editing, meh don’t worry about that, keep doing the posing until you have nailed it. the clipping in the shoulder i would not have noticed if u didnt say it

Hehe. I used Super Depth of Field ingame. I’m sure editing is better, I just don’t know how and think it looks better than plain.

Idk if this is your first pose or not, but it’s not bad at all. Nice angle, and you got the right idea of how to hold a gun. keep practicing, and you will get there.

Thanks. I am not too sharp on custom models or finger posing. Anyone got links to an editing tutorial?

Editing is never really needed…try using some In-game editing like lights and those kinds of things.
your posing is pretty solid keep it up man.

Thanks for the positive comments everyone :slight_smile: Anyone know where I can get the HL2 weapons and ammo as models?

Go to browse, look under the Half-Life 2 folder, they’ll be under the weapons folder.

Lighting on the combine is just perfect and so is the pose, but the blur effect on the heli needs ALOT OF WORK. Though its pretty good to be called “decent”