Combine Heavy Infantry(Neotokyo Reskin)

I think the combine need more ragdolls and I thought the Heavy Neotokyo guys looked good, so I’m gonna reskin them. Just a WIP, I’ll remove any other text and re-color the camo, and add the logo somewhere.


Did the legs.

It’s Now Hexed, thanks to bloo for removing the hidden Jinrai Hex and re-doing the body, now I have to make it darker. And still remove and add a few things.

Please post suggestions on what else to add.

The camo should be blue-ish and it should have the overwatch symbol on the left shoulder.

I did the camo, should I make it overall more darker? And what is a good place to put the overwacth symbol? (The actaul shoulder is not a good place)

The green legs seem to fit with the Metropolice more than they would with a Combine soldier, which has consistent camo throughout its uniform.

Oh this looks nice :smiley:

apply the vest materials to the legplates or whatever they are called

Finish up recoloring the green and I think we are in buisness.

Legs done, now for the small stuff. Random numbers, OVerwacth symbol etc. Please post suggestions.

Maybe some sort of bar code thing on the shoulder or back?

combine elite symbol in the upper back body armor? how about that?

Scale the camouflage on the vest up by 100%, maybe even 150%.

Use this as a base for the chest, it’d look better.


Zeemlapje made this :v:


I fixed his skin because he’s lazy :v:

Update. Thanks to bloo for cleaning up the body, more changes to come, hoping for a relase in a few days.

This model is coming out nice :smile:. I want

If there’s something I hate about those models, it’s that damn suspender!

Oh my god this new ‘Combine’ look is awesome! :smiley:

… It’s like I’m having sex through the internet. :open_mouth:

<3 the groin cup.

Sounds good

It will be Npc models?