Combine Heli and Unarmed Rebel-Face to Face

First time I use Photoshop for edit GMOD screenshot


  • I use Gradient on Background to make scenery more darker.
  • I made 2 layer to make Rebel and Heli more sharp.
  • I made 3 layer with airscrews. Than I use “Color overlay” on them.


Don’t use sharpen.

Actually, sharpen has its place. It’s just that most people insist on using it when it is absolutely the least appropriate thing possible.

This might be a " Troll.Thread " - Noticed how i actually capitalized them, and made them stand out better then caps?

no wait, Its actually “”"" Troll.Threat. “”"" It might be, Dont accuse me of being a faglord. Just assumptions.

Whats that red shit to the left of the rebel?

stop it. you’re hurting my eyes

a sign, if you mean the bright red letters

ugh first picture.

also use some super dof

What in gods name is that black triangle thing

Shitty rooftop detail models.