Combine-ification (Stroggification level for hl2)

I’m looking into making a “Combine-ification” map that would illustrate how a combine unit becomes a combine unit.

However other than having the player first step into a pod and some other things, I don’t really have any unique ideas. I’m fully adept at Hammer so any ideas you give me can be illustrated using Hammer.

So, yeah post if you got any.

Have him step in the pod, then you see the helmet etc goign down a tuve or somehting into the main pod, with custyom particle effects then steam as the doors reopen, then make him go and pick up the AR2 Rifle and ‘BAM’ you have your combine.

Well that’s rather simple, I was hoping something more along the story lines of hl2. We know that even the metrocops have some sort of implant (although who knows how barney escaped it) but I was thinking something more along the lines of the solider Combinification process.

Well make them get chiped and slowly the combine armour gets moulded to them.


I will refraise that. Make it as it them get a chip implaned and then the combine armour starts growing on there sking finally turning them combine.

Metrocops are not real soldiers, they are humans without the massive amount of work that goes into a soldier. They get better treatment than the plebs.

Have you played Human Error by any chance? It is something like this.

Those were just cops, and you never saw someone being “combine-ified” in that mod.

You could have some sort of citidel-thing where The pods with people “or whatever you wan to use as a combine base” travel into a room you cannot see into, then lights flash you hear electric sounds and then a combine soldier comes out of the room or somthing like that.

This would probably look the best, if you have the time and patience to do it, then you should - otherwise go with something simpler, maybe a v_hands modification, just use the same animation when Gordon first puts on the HEV suit in HL2.