Combine Jungle Squad + Bonus

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My Edit:

And bodenlan2’s edit:




Its a failed entry for the Hand to Hand Combat challenge.

Looks quite awesome man, just one question… map name or from where did those swamp tree props came? :stuck_out_tongue:

i made a map myself with just the terrain, then put the trees, rocks and whatnot in Gmod from the foliage pack:

both edits look NICE, have a palette

Oh god…both are so AWESOME.

Any chance we can see the original?

yes there is adds to OP

Nice one, crazymonkay. Where did you get the ragdolls from?

right here

why do all my threads die off so quickly :frown:

Combine on the right is holding his gun wacky, but it’s a pretty stubby weapon model so good job making it seem normal.

I lol’d at the bonus,

The final combination with editing looks awesome IMO.