Combine legends trailer

Hello! I have just started to develop ideas and stoylines for my series called ‘Combine legends’.

This will be a series of episodes pretaining to stories/history of the Combine from Half-life 2!


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No criticism? Pros/cons?

Looks meh.

Also, theres something wrong with your shotgun.

Turn off bloom if they make items that discolored (or use a different map if that is the problem), turn down your sensitivity and turn on mouse smoothing if you’re going to use the camera tool to film. Always use noclip and crouch while doing “slow fly-through” scenes. Use something like After Effects for color correction and other things instead of in-game effects. Try using something like Henry’s Animation tool instead of relying on AI to work as ‘actors’. Turn off the Fraps logo or stretch the scene in editing software to prevent it from showing. Try to hide low resolution textures using camera tricks, and try fix your audio; it sounded like you were recording audio from a microphone while you were filming.

Yeah…I dont understand how thats a Legend…they are just shooting unarmed civilians and rebels. Whats the plot and such?

When giving locations like you did at the start, it’s an idea to say more than just the country, “Alaska” isn’t awfully specific considering there’s over 600,000 square miles of it to choose from.

And your cubemaps seem broken, which is why the weapons are white.