Combine Light Mech: Lost Planet "Gtb22" Reskin

Oh darn, I’m at it again.
Obviously it is still a WIP, and as you can tell from the title I am going for the Combine look.
Left is original, Right is my skin so far.

Update. Disregard the blue lines, I drew multiple colored lined around the .vtf map to see what part and what section it went with on the model.

Head done.

As you can see the brightly colored sqiggly lines make another appearance.

Legs done.

This might not be half bad. :smiley: I personally like it so far.

That Mech is gonna look fantastic with the NeoTokyo Combine reskin :smiley:
Good luck.

you should make it look more synth like…

Yea, but synth have organic elements but where sort of put into a forced evolution by the combine with mechanical features. These are just pure robots.

Great work so far - dibs on making release pictures for you. :wink:

Nice. You should put the combine logo on it with the cracked skull that’s found on the shotgunners and elites.

This isn’t final so I’m not updating the OP with this, but do y’all like the placment of the logo or should it be smaller and somewhere else.

I think it should have the original Overwatch logo on it, like Striders and gunships do.

Should be a lot smaller IMO.

you should make skin variants like overwatch elite and prison

give it air vents, like the ones on ep2 bombs:

Updated with a minor update. I plan to remove the bigass overwacth logo. Things added are the logo in the front and the sides are now textured, and more of the legs(mostly the back) are now textured.

Place the combine logo where the 01 was, and maybe add a combine eye on the circle below(Using bumpmaps to make it look sexy, dunno just throwing ideas :P).

you should use a combine helicopter color scheme

Personally, the NEVEC variants would be much better suited for Combine-ish mechs, they have more hard angles and irregular details, like most of the Combine’s other non-synth war machines.

I think it should be smaller.

Awesome model. I’d love a SNPC of this.


Looking good.
Combine camo really suits this thing doesn’t it