Combine Light Mech walking through C17.

Finally got this skin done. I’m gonna make some more pics with this before I release it.


Please someone take a crack at editing it, I seriously had no idea what to do with it.

I like the shot and the model. But I just don’t think the mech looks very combine like. It’s really cool, don’t get me wrong, just doesn’t look like it fits in the whole Half-Life look.

Nice to see the skin is done.

Maybe if you had given him the oh so shiny hunter look on some parts it’d look even more combiney. But it looks good.

Is it me, or is the skin… full-bright?

It’s the lighting and everything, it isn’t full-bright.

Really reminds me of Robocop, :razz:

Pretty good there.

If that’s their LIGHT mech, I’m scared to know their definition of heavy! That looks awesome! My only qualm with the picture is the Combine heavy soldiers; they look…off, somehow. But they always have to me, and my tastes are not your fault.

Roger that. Waiting for the next pic.