Combine Mech npc request

can anyone posiible rig the Combine Mech

into a npc or atleast a ai entity please X3

Noone will because its made by someone else who made the model himself.

Yea would need custom anims (unless it has them can’t tell from the pics) which would be hard to make for the around 300 anims required for an NPC/Player.

he actualy did not make the model…

its from lost planet

Yup look’s like a straight port.

My question now is, why hasn’t he ported anything else?

It’s a mystery we’ll never figure out.

tru but if i can some how mimic and adjust the strider/or hunter animations it would some what work but ur right it would take a genious to do that

he didnt port it, someone elese ported it, but the download was taken down from