Combine Nation Strict HL2 Roleplay | CakeScriptG2 CNRP | rp_c18_v1 |


          Combine Nation is a project me and a few friends from my 

school came up with two years ago. The idea was to create a Strict RP
server away from DarkRP. I saw Luabanana’s CakeScript in development
so we decided to wait for it to be released and edit the scriptto be unique
to our server. I started working on CakeScriptG2 a few months back and
added a few features that other servers didn’t have. The script is being
changed daily and will not be released to the public.

Server IP:**:27015**

Site Coming Soon!


*** CakeScriptG2 Features - Luabanana / Nori

[li] CID expands when you hold tab and mouse over.[/li][li] Custom derma menu by holding tab and right clicking![/li][li] Use the derma command on another player to give credits![/li][li] Realistic death.[/li][li] Inventory to carry items![/li][li] Date and Time on hud.[/li][li] Ragdolls made on death that decay![/li][li] Lots of flags. (Ex. Grocery Store Owner.)[/li][li] Tooltrust / Proptrust.[/li][li] Players Information over head.[/li][li] Created Profiles are saved serverside![/li][li] Combine-Issue Rations![/li][li] Pay Checks.[/li][li] Property Tax.[/li][li] Day/Night Script by** Foszor.**[/li][/ul]

***** **Working NPC Animations - FNox ex Machina

  • Door Breaking Shotgun - Rick Dark

  • Newspaper - Hysteria / Worker

  • Door Knocking - Hysteria

  • Props List - Hysteria

  • Knockdown Addon - Zoey

  • Combine | Citizen/Rebel Radio - Norzone (revamped wasnt fully functional)

  • Simple Prop Protection - SpaceTech

  • Rp_C18_v1 - HumiliatioN**

** If I missed you please let me know : O .**


Server IP:**:27015**



Could you also list features have you done?
It seems like you just took Cakescript and slapped addons on it.

I’m Hysteria… :open_mouth:

also CakeScript is far from in working condition when you download it. I had to fix all of the broken features like the deathscreen and animations. is your local IP address, only you can connect to it.

We want the one listed at . Also that you’re hosting it from home makes it sound like it’ll lag quite a bit.

Fixed sorry :frowning:

I can connect without any lag.

Does it ever LAG while CONNECTING?


The server is down, btw.

Mhh, indeed.

There was a few tings i couldn’t be bothered to fix.

Server is still down, I’m interested :frowning: