Combine Night Operation+Bonus

Some 7 hour war Combine Themed Troopers pulling up to an Objective building and getting in posiition, and getting any last questions in with the commander.

Was fighting some HECU for fun on DoD “Kalt” (cold in German if you did know)

I like the first one!

wait a tick…

that guy in the background blurred out with a (sort of) visable face
wouldn’t happen to be my player model would it? :v:

Ninja asked i I wanted to test out the “figure” or something like that and I agreed. SO I made the scene here and wanted to have at least ONE guy without a helmet depicted. He didn’t meantion who it was for, but it was for a friend, I guess that was you ^^
(You look nice btw)

I posed the scene and then he used photoshop to Color Correct it-like it?

it’s very good, i’m impressed.

Thank you :slight_smile:

The only wierd thing in the first picture is the way he dismounts the truck.

He should be having one of the arms holding in the truck whilst he’s jumping off.
Otherwise it’s good, maybe use a better camera angle next time!

IT was the first time I had posed someone dismounting a truck, so I looked at a COD 4 picutre that popped into my mind and thats what I posed. I will have to practice more.