Combine Officers 2010

I’m not going to pretend that these aren’t reskins of the sci-fi guys, but you can’t deny that they are two very different skins at least.

Combine Officers V3
README - 5 SEP 2010

Use the Bodygroup Changer STOOL to change the body and skingroups.


The third major iteration of “combine officers,” A project started for Mine-Dog RP back in Summer 2007. Since then, it has seen three major variations, with this being a direct successor to the first designs, and a middle point in design between the first and second versions.
Previous version download:

The fist version models have also been the models used in the Continent 4 series.

Through the use of bodygroups, you can choose different facemaps, uniforms, and attachments.
Combination Calculator:
Males: 810
Females: 56

Total: 866
And with the incredible facemaps Rusty provided for the project, there are 33 unique characters.

Taggart- Model hacks
Lt_commander - Textures, facemaps(the bad ones)
Valve - Base models
Rusty - Facemaps(the good ones)
Nirrti - Epaulttes


the files are in addon format, so simply extract the files and place
“Combine Officers” in “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps*REDACTED*\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons”

From there, use the in-game menus to find the models in gmod.

These are open to use as is in comics, screenshots, machinima, RP, SNPC scripting, etc, but please contact me if you plan to use it for anything but the first three.[/release]


Bodygroup Images:

And a hotfix, repairing some small model issues.

Nice! I love 'em, amazing job Lt_C!

Sweet, they look fabulous! I like the old man one on the bottom left of the last image.

you and rusty did a good job with the faces

They look good, except the clothes seem like they don’t match.

They’d actually look quite nice if they were an “independent” job, as in not based on any particular universe. Nice work.

i’d like em better if they went with the sci-fi citizens as well

Very nice pack!

Spawnlist (I just modifed the one I made for the SciFi Uniforms)

  "name"  "Combine Officers"
   "model"  "models/humans/Combine/female_01.mdl"
   "model"  "models/humans/Combine/female_02.mdl"
   "model"  "models/humans/Combine/female_03.mdl"
   "model"  "models/humans/Combine/female_04.mdl"
   "model"  "models/humans/Combine/female_05.mdl"
   "model"  "models/humans/Combine/female_06.mdl"
   "model"  "models/humans/Combine/female_07.mdl"
   "model"  "models/humans/Combine/male_01.mdl"
   "model"  "models/humans/Combine/male_02.mdl"
   "model"  "models/humans/Combine/male_03.mdl"
   "model"  "models/humans/Combine/male_04.mdl"
   "model"  "models/humans/Combine/male_05.mdl"
   "model"  "models/humans/Combine/male_06.mdl"
   "model"  "models/humans/Combine/male_07.mdl"
   "model"  "models/humans/Combine/male_08.mdl"
   "model"  "models/humans/Combine/male_09.mdl"

It’s not like they overwrite anything, you can have both.

Some of those facemaps are scary

Dammit! Stop making so much good stuff! You’re making the rest of us look bad.

[sp]Just kidding, keep up the great work![/sp]


Pretty awesome man.

Neat facemap, but kind of scary. :byodood:

Oh my goodness, these officers are made of WIN!!! :smiley:

We could use rebels but, still :iia: and :moustache:

I don’t care about the models tbh, they look like every other one out there, but those facemaps are pretty cool.

Fixed some bugs with the models.


great idea, great execution.

though technically I’m not sure the combine uses fresh unmodified humans as officers, but who cares

loving them with each new releaase, same goes for the sci-fi citizens and the advisors! Gj.