Combine Officers Moving Through Some Slums

This is a OLD pose but new edit. I can currently not do any new poses thanks to my desktop being broken due to the graphics card breaking.

Looks pretty nice.
Althought the model on the middle guy, the mark to the right looks really bad.

The sleeve cuff of the middle officer is a little too shiny.

the facial expressions all look the same :v:

the faces are all the same :v:

Take a lamp, with orangish/white color and point it slightling onto the combine officers to add lightning?


I noticed this myself. I was reminded of CAD, actually, simply because they all have the same face.

Otherwise, the posing looks excellent. But why would the officers themselves be in the slums? Surely, they would have sent Civil Protection or even the Overwatch, rather than go in person?

Hostage situation. The receptionist and co-administrator of the local Citadel (City 05) was captured by a small group of resistance members known as “The Black Hand” (The leader and several members are believed to be the sons/daughters of the last surviving members of the original Black Hand assassination/terrorist group).