Combine Officers


[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Combine Officers

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] Lt_Commander’s Combine Officers, released for non-RP purposes

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] ~20 MB space, ability to install addons


From the readme:


When I saw the model hack by The Tishler, i was inspired to do something with them, but lacked ideas. It wasn't until I was asked to
make some skins for Mine-Dog's Roleplay that I had the idea of uniformed Combine Officers. The idea behind these skins is that
there are several Combine officers, mainly in charge of human based affairs and Civil Protection, and possibly the link between
Breen and the overwatch. The uniform insignia is ambiguous enough to pass for any of those. The uniform itself has its basis
in the C17 CP uniform, with modifications for a more comfortable and dressy look, including patches, medals, and rank insignia.
The rank insignia was a custom design, based of Nazi officer and Soviet officer rank designs. The stars follow the NATO ranking
charts, E 1-9 and OF 1-11. Go ahead and look at the materials. Although I made only six skins wearing 5 ranks, I included 9 rank skins.
Eight of those even have .vmt files, and are ready to be added with a little modification. The reason I didn't include them is the
extra models -and hexing- involved, not to mention extra normalmaps and filesize. But Mainly Hexing. As for facemaps, I designed 3 of
them myself, the others were standard, or by Fakefactory. I really didn't want standard citizen faces, so I pulled some from my older

Officer model hacks by:
	The Tishler
Pants base textures, exponent maps, and normal maps; sandro_facemap by:
Modifications, officer skins, and custom facemaps by:

Now in easy addon format! Spawncodes not included. I personally hate a billion spawnlists with only a few models.
extract to ...garrysmod/addons

Please contact me via PM or Steam Friends for other RP use.
Use in comics and screenshots is fine, and if you remember who made it, and have room in the credits... I appreciate it.
Due to recent issues in skin modification for other use, I would appreciate some contact before you use modified versions of the skins.
Exceptions to this are personal, comic, and educational use. As a matter of fact, if you have any questions as to how I made the skins,
don't hesitate to contact me. I'll be happy to give some tips.

I am not responsible for problems caused by the instillation of these models.



Bumpmapped and Phong’d, with a little selfillum, for your enjoyment.

Once again, mad props to The Thishler!

Small .vmt path error on inital release, uploaded fixed version.

Now that’s some good stuff.


Nice but I think their pants should be blue or gray maybe. Green and blue sorta clash. I will download them anyway though.

I kind of chuckled to myself when I scrolled to the right and saw the last guy.
Yes, I’m an asshole.

Nice release, they look great.

Haha, it’s the look he has on his face. Mind if I use these as player models for my pack? Also how about a version with a combine helmet on it?

Like I said in the readme, I was going for the same look as the base game, which has the same colors. I pulled from the CP uniform palette.

Go ahead. I’m not a modeler, though, so the helmet is not something I’d be able to do.

The black guy reminds me of Lando some how.

These are awesome!

Downloading them :3:

Whoops, small .vmt path error on the inital release.

I uploaded a fixed version, but if you want to fix it without redownloading, go to materials>officer>mal3>joe_facemap.vmt, open with notepad, and change “$basetexture” to “Officer/mal3/joe_facemap”


D: I even released the damn thing. ;__; This looks great tough, I like the different lapels and the logos. The color is original too.


Also, what is with the random black guy with the white uniform? o.0

He’s a Medical Staff Officer.
I love these.

Awesome work as usual Lt.

Really nice

Sweet idea! Are they replacements for anything?

They’re hexed.

Can we get a helmeted version? The helmet should be a little different than a regular metrocops though.

Link please?

I can’t find it.

I’d like to do my own reskin if you’d allow it

This is looking awesome, though I’d really like a higher rank officer with medals ‘n’ shitzle.
Plus the Med guy looks a bit off, kinda like a hockey player.

Garry removed it… ask him… T_T

And it’s not like it’s his model me thinks. :confused: Or maybe it is… glares randomly