Combine Over Watch Hunter-Chopper (Attack Heli) Smart Npc.

Hey i was wondering if anyone could pull off an npc such as xystus’s Apache helicopter npc that would follow you even if their were no Nodes on a map. It would also drop the bombs,shoot and be able to be killed and have the model of the Hunter Chopper.
If you dont know what a Hunter Chopper is its the Helicopter that follows you through the sewer and you usually combat it by shooting its own bombs back at it.

Anyways if you dont know what npc im talking about here is xystus’s Apache.

I really hope some one makes this. Maybe Awatemonosan can :stuck_out_tongue:

if he cant i hope someone else will because Xystus doesn’t seem to reply to the pm message i sent him :frowning:

Could be done by simply changing the model in the script. Just a guess, i dont know for sure.


Unless the model is not hexed, in that case you could just remove the model.


It is hexxed.