Combine Overwatch Guns


Some Combine Guns handed by a Rebel. The idea was to remake the Sgt.Shrapnel’s gun, but I decided to make one from scratch.
It’s not the usual crappy modified “Realistic CSS Weapons” base, it’s a heavily modified version of the ‘normal CSS weapons base by Garry’.
All the models has been hexed, so you don’t need to delete the normal Combine Pistol by Sgt.Shrapnel.

Gamemode’s Thread

You’d better download the new version.

If you want the reskin verison (it means it will overwrite the standard hands) then:

New version Video:
Note: This is not the compete new version, this is a preview of a Gamemode with similiar sweps.
Get the gamemode at the Gamemode’s Thread.

Old version Video:

‘Cool’ Ironsight;
Combine Muzzle Flashes;
Combine tracers;
Hexed models; (it means they don’t replace anything)
Addon format; (yeah, it’s a feature >:O)
Custom Icons;
Custom sounds;
Rebel Hands;
Other stuff :v:

Old version Images

Combine Pistol model and animations by AlexVestin;
All other models are from FPS Banana, I take no credit for them;
Sound fixing, Lua part, hands texture, crosshair, icons and model hexing by me;
Some sounds are NOT by me, but just modified by me.

Questions and Answers:
Q: Hey! You need to hold Right Click to use the Ironsight! This is the Realistic CSS Weapons base!
A: No, it’s not. Just because I made you need to hold Right Click to use the Ironsight, it doesn’t mean it’s that base.

Q: Are you sure the sounds are yours?
A: I said ‘Fix’ and ‘Modify’.

Q: Can I be betatester?
A: Come on dude, this is in releases. It means it’s a release not a beta thing!

Q: Where did you get the models?
A: I took the SMG/AR2 model from FPS Banana, the Combine Pistol is from

Read Me(What you CAN or CANNOT do…)
These weapons MAY have some bugs
You MAY use these weapons for your gamemode without asking permission, as long as you give the right credits;
You MAY modify these weapons;
You MAY NOT claim these weapons as yours;
You MAY NOT re-upload these weapons if the original file is still on

Looks very nice, maybe we can get a video? :3

The pistol looks ok, the AR/AMG didn’t turn out as great.
-The SMG part of it is much shinier than the AR part.
-The two red things on the receiver (I guess they are sights) block each other.
-There is a stock on a stock. (The SMG1 normally has a stock that you can see, it’s just retracted.)
-Basically looks like you glued a bunch of AR2 parts to an SMG1.

I actually didn’t make the model.
Thanks anyway :v:
I think I’ll change that model in the next version.

Maybe… if I get Source Recorder works WELL and in AVI FORMAT then SURE!

I can’t shoot shit, and the recoil on the overwatch Rifle is massive, the accuracy on both of these weapons is way too low, I had to get 20-50 feet to be able to get the bullets to hit them easily.

Oh well, it was meant to be it. Since the weapons are not normal ones, the rebels don’t find them easily to use. Anyway, if that’s bad for you and other people, I’ll fix it in the other version.

Well done! I love some of the stuff like the crosshair and iron sights. Anyway, like said, the inaccuracy and the bright coloured rifle are the only issues. Otherwise I really like it. Glad someone with a bit more experience made a version of the pistol because, honestly, mine wasn’t that great.

Was thinking, if you plan on making more of these, they’d be great for a sort of revamped Half Life 2: Deathmatch gamemode.

There you go, a video. Sorry for crappiness, but it’s better than nothing.

Uhm… thanks for making a video! I’ll put it in the thread.
Anyway, I don’t know if people will accept Another Deathmatch gamemode.
There are so many of them… but I can try, let’s see what they have to say first.

Good news:
I’m done with the new models, I finally changed the SMG1/AR2 model (AR3 is better) and I put other models.
If you have some cool HL2 weapon models, then link them here, I’ll hex and script them in Rebel style!

link to hud?

Where do you get this blood effect or blood impact?

link to blood?

Same, it was cool how the blood spilled out of their wound and smothered their clothes.

I don’t think this post is about Sgt.Shrapnel’s video rather than the main meaning of this thread…
But you’d better download the SVN here

what about blood?

You used the Combine Pistol from that combine weapons replacement pack right? I that into a swep as well, nice pack btw.

I actually used a model by AlexVestin on (it is written in the credits).
I don’t know anything about the combine replacement you are talking about, sorry.

That’s what I’m talking about

New download avaiable!

lonewolf2 dont ignore me …

I didn’t make the video, so I can’t answer you.

do you know who did make this video?