Combine Patrol Abuses an Innocent Civilian

sexy right?

C&C would be appreciated

Can’t see any picture.

-Snip- That lighting is GOOD.

Will YOU make a tutorial? I’m asking every good poser I can. I want to become better. :buddy:

Lighting is solid. Posing is cool, but it doesn’t look like the soldier is abusing the civillian. It looks more like a “Combine Soldier, Conqueror of Man” type situation going on.

Editing is really cool, but the combine look like he’s doing something with his dick

Maybe thats how hes abusing the citizen…


Nice. The Overwatch guy on the left looks kinda like he’s pissing on the civvie.

hes pissing on him, hence the word abuse

really, I just use the brush tool to do some shading and add shadows, example, his head shadow
not much else i can say but that, i just kept practicing and got better at it, i would suggest playing around with the tools photoshop or gimp gives you
you can find some really interesting stuff

also depends on the original picture, a good pic makes it easier to edit

haha nice

That’s what I just said.

and yes, i confirmed it

lovely pose and atmosphere.
edit is amazing at shading
everything is awesome.

He probably deserves it

nice colors

I like the shadow on the dude on the right and the depth-of-field. Nice work.

That shotgunner soldier has a real fuckin’ nice rifle.

thank you for the great comments :3

Could you post the original?

i just spent 10min deleting shit pictures in my comp and cleaning it up :confused:
so i dont have it in my comp, unless you know a way to recover deleted files
and yes i perm deleted from recycle

sorry but ill be sure to post originals from now on