Combine Patrol Getting Shot by Offscreen Sniper


C&C would be appreciated

freakin’ awesome, but the left combine’s pose is wierd

awesome everything man

This looks amazing!

The amount of blur, colour scheme, shading, posing, impact wound… All so good!

Poor combine is diving into a wall!


Great picture overall.


Because he is in the air :downsbravo:

i have never, but never seen anyone diving like that in my entire life

How many warzones have you been in?

well vitrually hundreds
in real life none
why ? i mean the angle is wrong

theres an angle for diving?
please show me so i can further improve my posing

Holy fuck, he sneezed! Get the fuck out of the way!

Nah, looks fucking awesome, the posing is pretty awkward even for a dive.

Yes please, tell us how Combine should dive, in which angle :slight_smile:

he should be 30 deggrees higher, and some cm higher(maybe 10)

Nice! I give it 10/10.

hes already going in a downward motion though

he sure is hellfire

Also the motion blur makes him look like he’s propelling towards the sky.


not directly upwards but at an angle upwards

I like the lighting.

Could be out of a movie. Very nice.

They’re walking on the supports of a bridge, and that one guy decided to dive…

Apart from that, damn awesome.


The diving pose is a bit daft but the rest is good.