Combine Patrol in the mist (Fog and mist test)

C&C and rate it from 1 to 10!

needs moar mist:D

Thanks for that but… What do you rate it? 10 is Awesome 1 is BLAAAAAAAAGH

I’d rate it 8.

I like it but the eyes aren’t too good on the editing and i think if the fog was higher it would look better.

Posing looks good though.

Thanks. And yes I agree the eyes aren’t that good. The front ones are very bad IMOO.

4 Posts and 98 views = Why?

I’ll give it an 8 as well. In my opinion it would look better if you made their glow beam through the fog, creating a ray. (Like a normal light through fog would.)

would have been better if you lower the opacity of the combines eyes.
But the mist is good.

What’s wrong with that?

The mist doesn’t look like it has any depth too it.
It’s one layer over all of them and none of them look like they’re “in” it.

Thanks for the comments! I will look into the tips when I have time

bare sikk

Can I see the original pic? I can re-edit it for you.

Did I say in the OP that I would let people see the original and edit it? No I did not. So the answer is no.

The mist looks a bit 2d

but its nice

Not gunna get much help or criticism with that attitude, I’m afraid.

why did you bump a 2 month old thread?


I did not