Combine Pilot prepares for patrol duties

Not exactly good compared to the rest of the stuff here. But I figured i’d give it a shot.

It’s not that bad.
You got most of the basics down.
All you need to work on now is posing and composition.
All though why does he need an SMG to fly?

Well, gee, thanks for the advice!

Why carry an emergency Pistol as your sidearm when you can fit a 45-round full auto smg in (nearly) the same space?


The MP7 used in HL2 is a PDW, not a SMG. A PDW is meant to replace a sidearm as the weapon carried by pilots (one use for them) in case they crash.

^ A useless PDW.
I like the try, i’d like to see you improve just pose some time and you’ll get it right.

Yeah. The posing was half me and half bad ragdoll. It wasn’t made right so you could flex it in all directions. Really didn’t help me. I’ll be using a better one next time.