Combine police searching a home.

muzzle looks too dull and lacks definition, otherwise pretty good pic

Oh man, i miss hl2 poses.

I love how he’s trying to aim without ironsights.

And as H3llfire said, the muzzleflash looks dull, but the posing is great, so is the lighting.

He’s indoors and firing from the shoulder… he’s hardly going to miss.

I thought the muzzle blast was a flashlight at first because of the thread title. If it is indeed supposed to be a muzzle blast, it needs to look more like an explosion. After all, that’s basically what it is. Otherwise, I have no gripes. The posing is clean, the environment looks nice…all around, not bad at all.


I think that “muzzleflash” is actually a flashlight

Nope. I made the muzzleflash all by myself.

Pose looks a little too relaxed for firing a weapon.

It looks like a player holding the SMG.

Searching an apartment guns-a-blazin’