Combine Prison Guard Shotgunner

Where can I find the materials for the shotgunner guard? I’m trying to reskin it to look more like the normal shotgunner (but still like a guard) and I can’t seem to find the materials anywhere.

I think it’d be in the Episode 2 GCF, since the shotgunner doesn’t have a special skin in the first two games. Probably, it’d be under the same paths as the other Combine materials.

No, I don’t mean the normal shotgunner (which because of the update, he IS in the first two HL2 games), I mean the Nova Prospekt shotgunner. Essentially a normal Nova Prospekt guard, but he has orange eyes instead of yellow.

Normal guard:

Shotgunner guard:


Oh, him. Well…I’m not sure. The red eye texture might be in the normal guard skin, and it uses some sort of trick to use it.

Well, I’m looking at the texture now and it’s not there. I’ll explore the GCF a little more and see if I can find it.

I think the Shotgunner Guard is exclusive for the consoles.

Nope. You’re wrong. It’s just another skin. Look at the normal guard and use skin changer to it. Use the soldier to get it to the shotgunner.

Nothing Valve will ever be exclusive for consoles.

The guard can be found in HL2 Characters (or however its called)

I’ll have a look at it.

Now that you told everyone how to spawn it, someone mind telling me the material paths? :stuck_out_tongue: