Combine props and stuff?


I am attempting to make a combine themed map- a bit like the overwatch nexus. The one thing about mapping that I can’t understand, is how do you make all the combine objects? I mean things like the consoles, the moving prisoner pod walls, smart barriers, ect. I don’t know how to spawn them in hammer, and I haven’t found a tutorial anywhere that says. Can anyone shed light to this problem? Thank you for taking up time to read this, it is much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Basically, I want things such as the prisoner pods that are moved around the citadel, the consoles (not to be interacted with) and that kind of thing…and the lights that are found in combine areas. I have made combine test maps, but there has been no evidence of these in any menus, even though I find them in a few maps.

Prop entities.

I’ll have a look.

Edit: I don’t understand…it has a list of things like prop static, that kind of thing. How would I change them to desired objects?

Edit: Ah, I understand. :slight_smile: Thank you.

there are different types of prop entities, which prop entity you need depends on what model you want to use.
you can change the model in the ‘world model’ setting.