Combine Purgatory.

No blood, I figured in purgatory they’d clean you up a bit.

Funny idea, posing is a little stiff though.

I had a laugh, have a funny.

i didn’t understood this picture
however that crowbar and combines makes me laugh
funny though, have a funny

“Purgatory” is the place between heaven and hell, and where you wait while they judge you. The Civil Protection, were killed by Freeman, and now await in purgatory.

pretty funny

I thought the idea was pretty good. I smiled at it.

Lol, I like the idea. I’ll give ya a funny :smiley:

Thanks for the comments guys.

Posing is lame, and apparently Gordon carries an abundance of crowbars.

Pherhaps it shows how you died instead of leaving the crowbars in…While the posing may be a little stiff, I think it’s fine.

Blood and gashes don’t work, I forgot. My mistake.

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Made me laugh, so you get a funny.

A good way to start the day is to laugh at pictures like this :v:

So this is what happened when Barney wasn’t there to save Gordon?

Your avatar made me lol

The pic is original, the posing is ok, good work


amazing :smiley:

lol kinda weird