Combine raid Kraken base, Spetsnaz Defends

This took me about 20 Minutes - 1 Hour, I like the posing on the guy with the G36 and the Frag.

 Note: These pictures are raw and unedited.  Also if the pictures don't work go to the links...

Neither link nor picture work for me :S

I just fixed it >.<

No need to thank me.


just ur frendly neghberhood muderater

3rd pic strange spets is holding his m92 weird…
Kraken base from hl2 beta heard IN THE RADIO right?
Good thing you put the shells of the combine with the m4 going the wrong way cause the model is though.

Spetsnaz who is shooting with pistol needs better fingerposing, since he does not pull the trigger. Otherwise good.

The guy with the pistol was extremely hard to pose. And He wasnt finger poseable, as far as I know.

The number of camera angles is really unnecessary.

Nice posing except for the Shooting soldier that is ubber clipping on the floor.

Oh and NPC? That’s quite lazy.

Im not very good at posing a soldier shooting, I could have put effort into it but I didnt, and guys Im gonna start a thread soon with all my crap in it so I wont spam up the section. If you dont like my work so far dont go into the thread.

I did not know machine guns could take bullet wounds.

Wut point that out I deunt understand