Combine rappeling in - poster/wallpaper or something

My first ever pose I uploaded.

The posing is godlike…
I think there is too much light but thats probably the style you wanted to accomplish.
A big fuckin artistic for you!!!

Nice posing and editing, but the guns are shit. Check out the release section for better ones.

Very very nice posing. :smiley:

It’s pretty funny that this is my first serious atempt at posing.

Most of the editing was actually just post processing lol

Nice work for a first upload!

Head position of the central character is messy but the rest is good. Nice work.

What do you mean by “messy”?

He means that the neck looks too… the word im trying to use is bend… Ohh its bent too much.

Well, I kind of intended it that way, kind of like the soldier is there casually and idly surveying the area

But it looks quite unnatural to look right but tilt your head to the left.

Ohhh that… I didn’t get what you meant at first. I think that the camera angle kind of makes it look like the head is tilted more than it actually is. It’s tilted only just a tiny bit.

read as:Combine Rapeling
first time i was like lolwut?