Combine Recon Opening Fire.

Just wanted to do a 'ittle pose. I’ve started skinning again.

Very nice.

Hadn’t seen anyone done anything particularly decent with HL2 models in a while.
I love it.

One day I will make some release pictures for you for that skin you were working on. But it’s a busy time of the year.

Nice work, i am amazed, But cs poses are rare too.

Is that a model or are the decorations edited in?

Model, I touched it up a wee bit though.

nice pic! although the muzzles a bit too yellow

Love the pose and the gun!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

nice job, I haven’t seen things like this around.

Nice! Are you still doing those weapons reskins?

The muzzle is a little too yellow. If it were me, I would put a slight, ever so slight yellow tint, as opposed to what you have. Other than that, it looks very good. I do like how the leg is forward to help act against recoil or something