Combine reskins

I’ve pretty much decided to continue this project after a hold of 1 year or so. Right now all of the reskins make use of phong shading.
The camouflage patterns are custom made, mainly to try and let it blend into the HL2 environment.
Now for the render screenshots, please keep in mind that this was rendered with the material settings on low because somehow my model viewer won’t render the materials on high.

Download it all over HERE!

For those who want the camouflage patterns, here they are.

Pattern 1
Pattern 2
Pattern 3
Pattern 4
Pattern 5
Pattern 6


Rehosted on MediaFire.

Added materials from the reskinned regular combines for easy installation with HL2, Episode 1 & 2 and it's mods.

Rehosted and added a remake of my black combine.

Added the Episode 2 shotgunner.

Added the desert soldier and all of my custom made camouflage patterns used until now.

Fixed the crippled hands in gmod10.

If you’ve got any suggestion then do post it.

Yeah I love the gaymo (gay camo) it fits perfectly to every environment!

Also I love the bump maps which i use now about one year.

Aaand the digital flecktarn I requested.

The phong on the cloth is really weird looking, but luckily it can be easily removed. Everything else is sex as always Zeem.

My god this looks terrible. It looks like you just sharpened it to hell.


Hey, what about an Urban Camo Combine pack!

I hope that’s sarcasm, Zeem 't is gewoon geweldig!


dude what’s with the $$$ Camo

It’s his way of being funny.

You’ve obviously never seen a real sharpened texture then.

As stated before, Zeem is the motherfucking king of Combine.

this is over sharpened.

Etch-a-sketch, to me.

Looks great, as always Zeem. How’d you make the digital camo, though?

I want to bear your babies.

Excellent work Zeem, I especially like that Episode I soldier.

If there’s anything that’s awesome it’s this.

I’ve updated the first post with the camouflage patterns I’ve used and a desert soldier.

Green is for the money and gold is for the honey! :tinfoil:


Custom made out of a picture of camouflage. If you want to have the .psd then just ask. :v:

Yummy skins, very nice!

Those were rendered on low?
I disbelieve it


Super awesome!

Now they simply need… laser vision.

I’m pretty sure you didn’t make The 4th Combine in the screenshot. It looks way to similar to Marcius’ Combine Skull Breaker, or Romka’s remake of the Skull Breaker. Minus some crappy sharpening filters…

oh my god

i think i’m in love babaay