Combine Rusing to Sniping Spot

Okay, this is all in-game editing.

I actually like how this pose turned out, I used 7 lamps, 2 Ragdoll’s (Duh), 2 Guns (Duh again) and I used SDoF, and Colour Mod. :buddy:

Without SDoF;

C&C (<–EXTREMELY Vital) Plox.
:smile: Bad spelling, how?

Dieing man’s neck looks weird. Looks like an alien. Combine is floating slightly.

The angle is really bad.
The gun looks very very edgy.


The gun’s shadow is quite ugly.

Yeah, thats because I used the ‘Cinderblock’ technique to move his head so it looks like he’s looking at the Combine.

you should use this:

it works with ragdolls too

The citizen his neck looks…twisted.

Go easy on the burning.

Actually I didn’t use any burning hence the top of the htread saying ‘Only in-game editing’ but yeah, it’s mainly due to the Colour Mod and the amount of Lamps I used.


Thanks, actually looks pretty useful!