Combine Science Lab(scenebuild)

Scenebuild by me, Edit by joazz

There should be an Elite Combine (White) using a computer (controls), but good work and idea.

Really nice scene build, but the cables on the water machine on the back look ugly & too bright, also it looks unrealistic since they are just hanging on the wall.

Edit: Everything else looks really nice :smiley:

I forgot to edit the cables :frown:

No it doesn’t, this is meant to be abandoned shortly after the Citadel became as unstable as a man with a fractured pelvis

Fixed the cables. Atleast I hope so.

We all know OW elite soldiers are white…

Yeah it loosk better

put bloocobalt in the picture and it will be 100% correct

Its nice… but way boring.

very good, major improvement over original

yeah the editing helped a lot.

Good work with the editing. Not too shabby.

Colors are a bit unmatching, but the reflections are cool.

That’d get me banned, all perskin poses are bannable