Combine Scouts (NT reskin)

This time I am using the smaller models from Neotokyo. However, I really need ideas.
This is all I have done so far(Leg camo, Head Camo, and the guy’s eyes)

I am however confronted, should I go with the more traditional combine look or go for a more darker and stealthy look(AKA make it Black).

Please post ideas and stuffx0rz.

That is awesome. I look forward to this being finished. Although I may have no ideas, I still want to show support.

it needs an antenna!

Texture-wise only, for now.

make it have like an radio on his back

You should go with traditional/stealthy Haha, like the Combine Elite.

But he’s white.


Maybe add some Digi-Camo? The guy on the right has really funky colored eyes, I would suggest making them a different color or maybe look at the vtf’s of the original combine.

Nice to see you’re doing these guys too. Keep up the good work!

Can’t wait, awesome.

Scouts probably shouldnt be wearing that much armor, nice job so far


Reminds me of something, however I can’t put my finger on it.

…and when I saw the thread title I was thinking of some TF2 Scout Half HL2 Combine Solider Hybrid or something and I wanted to see how you’d pull that off. :v:

They look great so far like I said on Steam.

You should try texturing the MW2 Juggernaut into a Combine Elite.

maby change the mask shape a little bit

also have like say…a few holsters on him so he looks ready to fight

maby some more oil black and dark grey blue could work in some spots aswell