Combine Scum Ahead

Combine Scum! Anyway, with the lack of Combine poses, I decided to go ahead and make one and will continue to do so for a while.

I also wanted to try out my new Combine Soldiers. :slight_smile:



rated gaybow

Thanks! I’m so gay because of that. :smiley:

Great scene-building/prop placement but gawd I don’t like that Combine skin.

Me neither tbh :v:

Lol, yeah. I’m still trying to get it perfect. That skin was my third try. xD

Don’t like the skin so much and the combine walking away and the combine leaning on the dumpster isn’t too good, of course, it is my opinion.

Any particular reason the two Combines don’t look good?

The posing looks a bit unnatural. The Combine walking looks as if he’s fagwalking/losing his balance. The one in the back seems like he’s too weak to hold his gun up correctly, and the leaning one also looks pretty uncomfortable.

Posing and everything looks fine.

Nitpick: I have just one question… Why do the combine have jungle camo in an urban setting? lol, just something a tad peculair.

Well, that’s how the Combine model is. I tried about 5 times to get the Combine walking away right. No matter what you do, he’s going to look like a fag. The Combine in the back is holding his weapon correctly, I can ensure you. And as for the guy leaning against the dumpster, well, it’s real. Try leaning against your own wall and see how it feels.

I’ve posed Combine looking good before. And no, the Combine in the back has his gun lowered way too much as if he can’t even carry it. It’s an uncomfortable position. I’ve leaned against a wall before, gun in hands, it didn’t look like that. Whatever gun model that is, it either doesn’t fit with them, or you aren’t doing it right.

Why are the Combine Elite white in Hl2 Urban surrounding. Combines, they don’t care about camo.

Obviously they do if their wearing it in that screenshot >.>

Okay, I understand, but I’m saying that the Combine in the back is holding his weapon perfectly. I can hold a m4a1 with a vertical foregrip like that and it’s extremely comfortable. The weapon model that the leaning combine has is the m4a1’s version of the P90. But, let’s drop this and I’ll fix it in the future.


Look, I don’t care. I can go ahead and put them wearing complete pink. It’s just camo.

Calm down, i just pointed out something that i noticed. It’s not as if i said something like “WTF, WHY THE HELL ARE THEY WEARING DAT CAMO DER, IT MAEKZ NO SENSE, U SUCK, LOL”.

Let’s get back the picture, shall we?

I’m sorry if it sounded hostile. I didn’t mean to sound like that.

Extremely comfortable? Come on, he’s got it so low. It looks horribly uncomfortable and insecure. Plus, that dude has no vertical foregrip, only his magazine, but he’s too small to be able to see if he’s holding it.


Nice Scene.