Combine shoot's a Citizen.

This is my first GIMP Edit BTW.

And something extra I did in spare time I had.(In-game edit only.)

C&C, Please.

lazer guns!
the poseing is a bit off and the angle is boring but good for a first

Combine looks casual in the first picture which I guess he should be. I agree that you should use a better angle.

I’m confused. Does shoot have an a or a citizen? Or is shoot a citizen? o.O

“Combines don’t aim your lasers!” yelled Mom

Since when do the Combine use lasers?

Well, they do have the AR2.

Since I put it in the picture.
I like lasers and I suck at muzzle flash.

Would be better if the CP was actually looking at his target.

Lol at whoever rated him bad spelling because obviously he was correcting the title.

Edit: Morons.


But Chesty, look at how awesome the Combine is posed. Looking all badass and everything. He doesn’t have to look at his target.

But in all seriousness, posing could use some work.

dose anyone even know the difference between cp and combine!!! I mean one is human other is human/robot/alien really…

They are all Aliens.

And Chesty Its hard to have him look at his target, His head wouldn’t move into looking more at the target.

Use the prop method. Weld a prop to his head and move the prop instead of his head. Then make the prop invisible.

No they’re not.

Use “prop-posing”. Easy-weld a can or another small object to the body part you wish to rotate. Instead of rotating the body-part though, rotate the can. This way you can rotate a body part to your heart’s desire.

Civil Protection units are brainwashed humans, not aliens/cyborgs like the Overwatch.

And you can use so-called “Prop posing” to twist their bones beyond limits.

FFFFFFF, Chesty and Grog :ninja:'d me.

Only the advisors.

he shot is citizen!!!


The first picture looks severely messed up, that doesn’t look like a tracer at all, more like a shoop-da-whoop