Combine Small Arms-Neotoyko Weapon Reskins

I took/am taking these weapons and reskinning them to be more combine-esqe, here is my stuff so far. Please recommended other weapons or vehicles from to for me skin. Here is what I have done so far in some quickly made renders.

These look great! I always thought that NT had some good sci-fi models. I can see great replacement potential for HL2.

Can you do the pump shotty and the foregrip M4?

I did try and do the M4 but it’s has a really low-res texture and that way it is UV mapped is that both sides of the gun(mainly the reciever) are flipped so I can’t do somthing on one side without it showing up backwards on the other, and that irks me so that I have trouble doing it.

Thats a shame, as I thought that it was a great model. Thanks for trying.


What about the KLYA9 Revolver?

I dont’ like the first one, the grey lines on every single edge is rather distracting and ugly.

It would be really boss if you could hack a nade launcher onto the NP-271 and make it an SMG1 replacement.

Great skins

MPN45 looks like a possible candidate for an SMG replacement, tbh. That, or the Alyxgun.


I would have said that, but it looks too small to fit a grenade launcher on to.

Now that I think of it, the MX-5 with the scope hacked off might do just fine.

Yeah, it would do pretty well as an Alyxgun replacement.

Has anyone made Neotokyo SWEP’s?

And finally, do you think you could possibly reskin the rabbitfrog prop (the vtol thing) into something more combine like? This assumes you have Neotokyo, so if you don’t, then no worries.

I don’t see what the big deal is with SWEPS. They all end up being iron sight versions of fpsbanana skins or models from other games, and only a few ones (Jihad bomb and HAAAAX, mainly) are worth downloading.

No, no, I was wondering if people had done so already.

Im fappin at that skin… is it smg1 reskin? if so.


So the second one isnt a smg reskin?
It has to be. its compact, LIKE AN SMG. :buddy:
it can’t be the last or the first… They look like alyxgun or pistol replacements.

They are neotoyko re-skins, not HL2 re-skins.

I dont think of combine weapons having CMB and city 17 symbols slapped everywhere.

I agree with this notion. It’s solid work you did with the mech, but the base models aren’t that combine-esque, no matter how much you skin them.