Combine Sniper - EP2 edition


My site: (New, version 1.2)

Changelog 1.2:
*****SWEP Icon
*****Removed that shit ‘Scripted Weapon’ SWEP
*****Recompiled the model to use the new texture again.

Changelog 1.1:
*****Twitchy laser beam fixed
*****Scope has a spinny and techy overlay.

Older versions:

My site (Old, version 1.1) (Old, version 1.0)

Youtube version coming soon.

The sniper Alyx used in Episode 2 in the Freeman Pontifex chapter.

It’s based off Teta_bonita’s realistic SWEP base, model by Valve, base script reworkings, animations, v_ and w_ model by me, Gun texture by Kaffi, bugfixes and the laser sight code by Armageddon.

Laser sight as seen in HL2
8x and 16x zoom
Custom sounds
Custom model
Custom textures
Custom scope overlay
Custom parabolic sight

Known bugs:
Laser’s origin in third person mode is not where it should be.
Laser twitches occasionally in first person mode. (Fixed in 1.1)
Errors when you die with the gun in your hand

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Nice. I made the laser effect :smiley:

Where’s the hand on the grip? There isn’t a hand on the grip/trigger.

Wicked thingy, reworked texture really helps it.

SUSH. :ssh:

You should upload this on Garrysmod. This server is slow.


The gun looks loads better than it did before. Nicely done you two.

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Nicely done.


(I made the texture)

Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

it doesn’t work for me, It doesn’t shoot anything but everything else works. help

Hmm, I’m not getting any textures/bullets, but i guess that’s only a minor niggle :stuck_out_tongue:

Eep, AzuBot.

Very, very, nice work. The new maps and textures look awesome :). Does it work in the gmod beta only or in normal gmod aswell?

Also, could you please upload to, that server is bloody slow, i can’t even the get the download started :O.

I really love you for this. Thanks =)

//What’s the map that you used for the Screenshot?

//k, I tried it in Gmod 2007 and

-It doesn’t hurt anyone
-It has no Scope Textures/they don’t work for me.
-Now, there’s another SWEP called “Scripted Weapon” in my Weapon selection :smiley:

///Here is a Mirror for you guys:

When I spawn (in the beta) I get this error in my console.

ERROR: Trying to derive entity sent_rg_bullet from non existant entity base_point!

That doesn’t make much sense, as base_point does indeed exist. It doesn’t hurt NPCs, but it does apply force to models (I can knock ragdolls around with it). And the extra swep in the menu can be fixed by making the base weapon not be allowed to spawn.

It’s a nice swep though, I’ve been wanting a nice combine sniper rifle with the laser for a while, and now I’ve got one I’m happy.

Would I be able to use this for my SP mod?

Holy shit, holy shit! Pure WIN! Brilliant model and brilliant laser!
Epic, downloading! Thank you.